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Howdoo is a decentralized social platform for users, content creators, and advertisers. Howdoo's plan to make themselves distinctive and stand out from the crowd originates from the underlying ethos that permeates their motivation — they genuinely seem to want to develop something that can make a meaningful difference to the world — they actually seem to care about the user experience and to put the power back into the hands of the people who choose to use it.

HOWDOO is a decentralized social platform for users, content creators and advertisers. Howdoo is an ambitious project dedicated to building the infrastructure required to support a truly decentralized, scalable, and high-availability mass social ecosystem - covering live streaming, intelligent content delivery and token issuance.

So we will offer the advertiser the full ability for them to place their adverts where they want, which is another topic about issues today, is that they struggle … the social media platforms today struggle in guaranteeing product placement or advert placement.

But I strongly want to state here: we're not building HowDoo to be this secret society social platform, yeah? HowDoo is airdropping $1,000,000 worth of uDoo tokens to Telegram users. And what we'll be doing, and this really goes into more like data management, content management, IP controls, etc., is that we'll be pulling back the statistics on anything that gets pushed out onto these other social networks as well.

Designed to stimulate greater trust, openness, and transparency, the platform rewards and empowers the users, content creators, and communities that form the true value of any social network. Howdoo aims to elevate the social networking experience by democratizing data consumption.

Participants should undertake their own due diligence in order to satisfy themselves of the quality and legitimacy of each ICO that they choose to participate in. BlockEx does not currently offer its services in jurisdictions in which the sale of tokens is prohibited, in the United States, or to U.S. persons.

We want to reward user activity; to useindividual preferences and communal interests to stimulate onlinecommerce; to present people the selection of whether they even wantto get advertising; and to proffer advertisers themselves accessto their model goal markets - alongside the ability to discuss withpeople prepared to listen.

Howdoo, our business model would see profits distributed back intothe communities and individual users who are finally responsiblefor creating them. The platform helps in users in easily engage with each other in the social media platform promoting value-driven social engagement making it viable.

A total of $65,000 worth of uDoo tokens will be given away to members of the HowDoo and Adbank communities. This project looks to be the best of the social media options around. #Howdoo is another one social media platform working on blockchain technology. First, the timing of the Howdoo ICO can't get any better with the Facebook data scandal in mind.

Content creators will earn a minimum of 60% of the advertising rebate generated on the platform. I think it is high time to create a social network with many functions for many people with different interests and i hope there will not be fake accounts with cheaters.

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